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Happiness is a warm gun
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15th-Jan-2008 01:11 am - Friends Only
She's hung up on me
8th-Jan-2008 11:59 pm(no subject)
Captain crunch
 New York is really different now. There seems to be a more... somber feeling in the air since I got back. Maybe it's me but it definitely doesn't feel like the city I left behind. Maybe it's just because I'm not the same Max who left. That optimistic attitude is gone and without it the world seems like a harsher and colder place. Is harsher even a word? Oh well, I'm using it anyway.

 Well here we go, back to life and experiencing the world through the tinted glasses of a man rather than the open eyes of a boy without motivation or ambition. Jesus, when did I become so full of angst? Man, I've hung out with Jude too much.

 Max is back..
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